Celebrating Our 1000th
On September 15, 2006 All
About Spay Neuter Inc.
along with the staff of the
ASPCA Mobile Clinic
celebrated our 1000th
spay/neuter since
September 2004.  Here
Chris of the ASPCA holds
JayBee our "1000th
Left to right, Cindy, Chris, Lisa
and Rob, staff of ASPCA
celebrate with some sparkling
apple cider before surgeries.
The Story of JayBee
Our 1000th Spay/Neuter
On a hot summer day, July 16,
2006 All About Spay Neuter Inc.
received a frantic phone call from a
woman stating that a cat was dying
under her car.   Immediately
volunteers gathered wet towels,
carrier and traps to help rescue the
cat.  When we arrived a 6 week old
kitten lay under the car emaciated
and eyes stuck closed.  We
immediately put her in a carrier with
a wet towel.....she wiped her eyes
and let out a big MEOW !!!  Since
than, JayBee has been an
inspiration to never give up.  She
purrs when you look at her.  JayBee
was just adopted to an amazing
family who will give her all the love
she has given us all.
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