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My name is Ellis and I am a 7 month old super friendly and adorable kitten.  
My sister and I were rescued by All About Spay Neuter  (AASN) during a TNR
(trap/neuter/return) project.  We were spayed/neutered and than developed
horrible diarrhea.  So AASN kept us, instead of returning us outside, to get us
better.   While they were taking such great care of us, we decided that we
didn’t want to go back outside and we liked all this human attention.  My sister
Ella, got adopted, but something bad happened to me.  I developed a severe
right head tilt, that makes me feel dizzy, wobbly, and scares me.  Sometimes
since my head is so tilted I fall over and cannot get my balance.

So I was taken to AASN’s vet and she felt there was an ear infection or polyp
that was causing this problem.  I had an X-ray of my skull and went on
antibiotics numerous times and never got better.  So the doctor sedated me to
see if there was a polyp in my ear, but she could only see so far and could not
see deep enough.

So my foster Mom told me it was time to go to a Neurologist.  I did go on Wed
1/2/19 and the doctor told my foster Mom that I am affected by a vestibular
disease.  The vestibular system is the part of the brain that controls balance.  
This specialist is unsure of why I have the head tilt and wobbliness, but I need
further tests to see why I am like this, and make me better.

I don’t have health insurance and AASN spent thousands of dollars last years
on other kittens that needed help.  So we are all asking you for help to make
me better.  I will first need an MRI to help determine the signs of why I am wobbly
and have a head tilt.   To get a good result, I will need anesthesia for the MRI,
and this test alone will cost almost $ 2,800.00.  I will also need a spinal tap,
which will be another $ 1,000.00.  And if they find a polyp, and I have it
removed it will be another $ 3,000.00.

Please help me be a normal kitten.  I have so much love to give a family, but
no one wants me like this.  I need to move on to my next chapter in my life.  
Won't you please help by making a donation so I can get the help that I need.  
Please come and visit me at AASN and thank you for your donation.  
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