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I thought I had a good drop trap……until I tried this one.

Deb Romano (Save Kitty Foundation)

The drop trap I use which was made by Ashot works really well.  I've trapped
many cats with it. It's light enough to make it portable yet heavy enough to
trap the largest Tom!  Also the fact that it closes down makes it super
convenient to get it in and out the car. Keep making them Ashot!!


I have an Ashot drop trap. Quick and easy set-up, lightweight for a small
person like me, but sturdy. I have never lost a cat. I do keep a brick or small
sand bag handy for the feisty big cats who try to break out. Packs right into
my car and also onto roof rack. Parts can be replaced so it will last a long
time. I really like it.

Kathleen M
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