Wendy's fast food restaurant - Over 20 cats were trapped,
spayed/neutered and relocated to a safer environment.
Jones Beach - over 65 cats have been spayed/neutered and released
with multiple litters of kittens rescued, fostered, and adopted after
spay/neuter reducing the population by 80%.   Scarlett (pictured left,
had 5 litters that we rescued before she was trapped, spayed and
adopted to a wonderful home)
St. Mark's Church - cats and kittens were trapped and adopted to safe
adoptive homes
Cross Bay Bouelvard - The ones that started this all !!!  Romeo (left),
Brusier (middle) and Spot (right).
This picture could be anywhere there are feral cat colonies.  Starving
feral cats fighting for food.  Does your dinner table look like this ?
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