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The Story of Brooklyn
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On Facebook someone posted this horrible picture of
a cat in East New York that was dying.
This video shows his release and his wonderful caretakers that were so
happy to get him back home.

Click here to watch his release video.

You just have to keep believing......there are miracles and Brooklyn is one
of those miracles.
The next morning, we immediately went to his rescue and caught him
(after Joanne got bit my him).  He was brought to our vet who told us
that he had an abscess behind his eye and he was in pretty bad shape.  
We decided to try and save him.  His abcess was removed.  This picture
as taken Easter Sunday as Brooklyn ate his breakfast.
We knew that he would be with us for awhile so we set him in a huge dog
crate.  Everyday he got better and better.  This picture shows Brooklyn
napping in his favorite fleece bed.

After two  months of recuperation, it was time to neuter Brooklyn and
bring him back home.
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