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Get your LUCKY NUMBERS for 92  CHANCES to WIN with a June,
July and August 2019 All About Spay Neuter Lottery Calendar !!!

Purchase your calendar today for $ 20.  (PayPal $ 21.00)  If you do
nothave PayPal, please mail a check for $ 20 payable to All About
Spay Neuter Inc to 4209 Merrick Road, Massapequa, New York,
11758.  Please write "lottery calendar", your requested 3 digit code
and phone number in the "Memo" section.  

Each calendar has a three-digit unique number.  Any day that your
number matches the daily New York Lottery Pick 3
evening drawing
YOU WIN !!!  

Prize amounts are from $ 25 to $ 200.
 The calendar of prizes is at
the bottom of this page.
 If you win once, the calendar pays for itself.  
All numbers are played straight as drawn.

Winners will be paid weekly and checks will be sent via the US
postal service.  If you misplace your calendar or forget to check the
daily numbers, a check will be mailed to you automatically if your
number is drawn.  That is our guaranty to you.  

Please make sure your PayPal has your name and address on the
account.  That is where the checks will be mailed.

Once we receive payment for the calendar and you provide us with
your phone number and your requested 3 digit number a calendar
with the winning amounts and your number (if available ) will be
mailed to you.   (If your number is not available, a number close to
that number will be chosen for you)
Phone Number
Requested 3 Digit Number
All About Spay Neuter
June, July and August 2019
Lottery Calendar