"Centuries from now it will not matter about the house we lived in or how
much money we made in a lifetime.....but the world may be better because
we helped some of God's little animals on this earth during our time
Unknown Author
"God Bless you forever for what you do and what you have done for all the cats you have
helped.  There are not enough words we can write to say how grateful we are and how much
we respect and admire you and your "All About Spay Neuter".  Your is one of the few who
"do" far more than they "talk".  Your work speaks for itself.  You have a rare gift,a nd we know
we have been privileged to know you.  Thank you for everything !"

"It is a wonderful thing you are doing.  May God Bless you for doing good deeds !"

"If you ever wonder sometimes...what it's all about....know that what you do is very much like
dropping a stone in a pond....the rings of impact go on and on.  The good that you do with
neutering is immediate but the joys of living and caring for one of your little bundles lasts for
many, many years.  That's very good karma.  You have my deepest thanks and heartfelt
admiration.  I'm so glad you made Cozy possible for me.  Take care and keep up the good
work....you've got a huge (unseen) cheering section applauding your efforts."

"I truly admire people such as yourself, your truly are doing Gods work in my eyes, so bravo
to you."

"Thank you so much for all you have done for us.  I never could have resolved this problem
without you.  Keep up your wonderful work.  What you are doing is making a big difference in
the lives of both cats and the people who worry about their welfare.  It was a pleasure and a
privilege to work with you."

"Just wanted to send you a few pictures of LJ, who we now call Aurora, as in princess aurora.  
She is very spoiled and very loved.  She is a great kitten.  Just wanted to say thank you, I
think it is a great thing you are doing for the stray cats."

"There are many organization that shelter homeless cats, but very few in  the area that are
able to provide the preventive maintenance of TNR.  While sheltering homeless animals is
vital, spaying and neutering ferals is imperative in stopping their overpopulation.  All About
Spay Neuter does the TNR."

"Thanks again for the wonderful work that you do in rescuing and giving these little guys a
second chance at life.  There are NOT enough words to describe how special we think you
are !"

"I want to thank you for the tremendous job you did helping to save some of the Queens
Village cats.  You are the first organization to truly help and provide assistance.  Your
response, dedication and follow through are beyond compare.  I just wanted you to know I
appreciate your help."

"Just wanted to say thank you again for helping to catch Splotch, knowing she was suffering
had us very upset.  Some cats come and go but she gave us a lot of laughs always running
from dish to dish to see if there was something better.  We felt so much better when we heard
she hadn't died alone.  All of these homeless cats deserve a better life.  We hope in our small
way we can make it a little better for them.  Each of them is special to us and touches our
heart.  We miss Splotch very much and the cats Fatso seems lost without her company.  
Thank you for all you do."

" I would definitely recommend All About Spay Neuter Inc for anyone looking for a loving
kitten.  Nala is the best kitten I could ask for...She is very attached to me and loves to play
and be petted."

"We adopted one of your kittens last year, Norma Jean, who is now named Xoie and is the
love of our lives.  We know how much you care about the cats that you have taken in.  My
daughter would also like you to know how much Xoie is loved.  She is taken to bed every
night, kept in the house all the time, and has now grown to about ten pounds.  She purrs
constantly and is very vocal."

"She is one of the happiest kittens I've ever seen.  Eat, eat, eat - - play, play, play, she's
always very curious.  We and Smokey are grateful to you for her.  Thank You."

" I wanted to again thank you for your efforts with the Petco cats.  It is great to know how
much you helped the colony.  Good luck to you and your organization."

"Just wanted to let you know that Gandolf has recovered nicely.  He is a little angel and all he
wants to do all day is follow me around and be picked up and cuddled.  His purr motor is
endless !!  I am in love with this little guy !!!  Thanks again."

"I didn't really know how much I missed having a cat until Lola got home.  Thank you so much
for the work you do, she has brought us so much joy.....we can't stop smiling."

" I had made many phone calls to other individuals and groups attempting to gather
resources.  Either people were too overwhelmed with their own rescue efforts or they did not
have what we needed.  Miraculously, All About Spay Neuter was able to provide everything."

"Kramer has turned out to be the best kitten ever.  He loves sitting on my shoulder while I'm
typing.  He sleeps right on my head and always makes sure I wake up on time.  Thank you
again for bringing this wonderful pet into my life.  He has truly made my life better."

"I am really thankful for all of your work with the cats and kittens.  You are really a special
person and have worked so hard - the animals are truly blessed.  Thank you for your

"I can't thank you enough for all you did for Mom Cat and her family.  We love having them all
back and I think they're happy to be back.  Thank you again - you helped us tremendously!"

"Our babies are the best - so much love and purring - I was lying in bed the other day and I
had them all around me - I felt like I was in heaven - I just love all of them."

"I adopted a kitten from you a while back....I must tell you that he has THE BEST personality
ever !!  He follows me around like a dog...He waits for me if I sit by the bedroom or bathroom
door....he must sit on my desk when I'm on the computer (in fact he's here right now).  Well
thank you for giving me the bestest friend ever !!  He is my absolute LOVE!!"

"Wanted to give you an update on Delilah's assimilation into my home, well it quite simple, she
now runs the house !  Although it seems like Babe has become a more fitting name for her,
she came home and was immediately quite comfortable, she's purring and talking up a storm
and into everything.  Thank you for rescuing her and allowing me to adopt her
tyhhhhhhhhhhhhh(thats her on my keyboard) I think shes saying thanks too."

"Just wanted to give you an update on Linus,  He is the coolest kitten.  He is like having a
puppy except he uses a litter box.  Any little wrapper or anything he might find on the floor, he
carries around with him in his mouth.  We get more laughs out of him.  Quite a cuddler at
night too.  He LOVES my daughter Deanna, she can just walk around holding him all day, he
follows her everywhere.  Linus grooms Pumpkin all the time and they are always sleeping
together.  Too cool.  Hope all your rescues are going well, and you can find good homes for
everybody.  Thanks for giving me a new kitty to love, he is the best."

"Thank you so much for allowing us to visit our babies.  We are so excited about them and
cant wait to have them in our forever home - Thank you for all the love and devotion you have
given all these special souls."

"We just want to let you know, Joshua is a great cat.  We love him so much and he is so
affectionate.  He has become so much a part of our family.  He gets along great with our dog,
they play all day long.  We are so happy we found you on the internet."

"I checked out your site the morning after I met you and saw Baby and Big Guy's pictures.  I
knew as soon as I saw them they would find a home quickly!  Their photos were great and I
loved the name Baby Doll !!  My father is going to be so happy that they are being placed
together!  I can't thank you enough.  You are an angel and your organization is a blessing !"

"I want to thank you for providing TNR services.  I hope more and more people make an effort
to reach out to organizations like yours to stop the over-breeding of cats.  Thanks again for
providing a service that not only helps the cat population but also helps a community."

"Thank you so much for loving animals and helping them.  No amount of money can repay
your kindness and caring.  I am enclosing a contribution because of the warmth and kindness
you give to mankind by being the wonderful people that you are.  Thank you so much for
helping this kitty and all of the others that you give kindness and love to.  I am very grateful
for you love, help and devotion."

"We want to thank you for all your untiring efforts and time spent on behalf of our outside
family.  While a simple thanks could never capture the feeling of appreciation in my heart, as
well as relief, I know there is no words that would suffice.  How could there be !  It there are
angels on earth, you are truly more proof of their existence.  I don't mean to be overly
dramatic, but I was just so in awe of what you do and did.  "

"I would like to thank you for helping me with the cats.  Even though they are not considered
pets, I have cared for them since they were tiny and I truly love and worry about them.  Thank

"I can't begin to tell you what i has meant to me since you brought Daisy into our lives.  With
her sweet little face and disposition to match and her funny little antics we have managed to
get through some tough times these past several months.  She brightens my days and is a
wonderful companion in all that we do.  Than you so much for matching Daisy with me !"

"We certainly remember how you were the only one who answered the call - time and again -
and how good it feels to see the cats healthy and know that no more will be born to suffer.  
Bless you for taking up the fight."

"Thank you for saving the kittens in the Mary Immaculate Hospital alley.  That is where many
have died - one got in a car engine, one was hit by a car int he parking lot, one was taken
away in the garbage dumpster.  Many have just died from bad conditions over the years.  
Thanks for saving these little guys.  Keep up the good work you do to protect these cats."

"Lucy and Rickey are the loves of our lives !  We adore them and we have gone on to be a
very happy family unit !  They live indoors in what we hope is the lap of luxury.  Certainly they
are welcome in our laps anytime they desire.  They make us laugh and we do all kinds of silly
things with them, just o be with them.  Please never lose the faith and determination  and
kindness that you have.  It is a blessing this work that you do !"

"May God bless you for helping all of these cats. Your time and dedication spent on saving
and improving their lives is truly admirable.  I am grateful for my beautiful brother and sister
duo, Bilbo and Bella, whom I adopted over 3 years ago.  I could not imagine my life without

"I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you once more for being there, and , more importantly,
being willing to help when I began caring for my feral, Meow.  You may remember I had to
have Meow euthanized a couple of months ago because he was so ill.  As hard as it was
losing him, I was comforted to know I made his little world a better place, if only for a few
years.  Loving and caring for Meow woke me up tot he plight of feral cats and the angels like
yourselves who devote all their time and energy to a cause so many prefer to not see.  I'm
sure you're aware of the huge difference you've made but I had to tell you again how
wonderful I think you are and such an inspiration to others.  May God bless you for
recognizing the smallest of his creatures."

"Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you! I could never thank all of you enough for everything
you do all year round.  I truly appreciate just knowing that there are people who care about
cats like I do !.  Even more so, I'm proud to know about such a wonderful group of people !"

"I got a kitten from you 5 years ago.  I named her Gracie.  Just wanted to let you know that
Gracie is doing very well.  She has brought so much joy to my life.  I love her to pieces.  I hug
and kiss her everyday.  Just wanted to say thank you for changing my life."

"Words cannot express our gratefulness for all you did last year and in the previous years.  
You are truly "Angels" for all you are constantly doing, in so many ways,, in giving endless
house and total devotion to our feral feline population.  Keep up all the good work you are
doing !!"
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